How To Make The Good Girl Obsessed With You.

There are good girls, bad girls and the in between. Let's talk about the good girl. I won't get into what/how you'll know she's a good girl - it's obvious. If it isn't obvious - your intuition/"gut feeling" will let you know.

Why she's the good girl: 
Could be different reasons or all: their upbringing, innocent, lack of experience, doesn't have anyone to be the bad girl/slut with or society. Society teaches us ladies we shouldn't be sexual in any way, and so does our upbringing.

What the good girl wants: 
One or both: to be the "bad girl/ "slut" in public, or in hiding. (I don't mean this in any demeaning way - just using this word to simplify things).

What to do about it: 
Encourage her good girl side. After all, most people have been conditioned to respect the good girl, and the "good girl" is often who men marry/commit to. However, you need to provoke the bad girl underneath the good girl. How? Tease her a little bit, give her SUBTLE sexual looks - only do this if you know she's physically attracted to you. This creates tension that would be enough to have her panties soaking/her craving you. You ought to be sexual yourself, but not in a creepy way like those macho men on tv. That's very cliche, if she catches on - she'll lose any sort of attraction to you. This is coming from a woman who has had men do this to me. Negging and those other assorted pick up artist techniques work on PICK ME women, not quality women with self esteem. Think about it - what confident person would take back handed insults? In the end, I've called all those men out and they tend to respect me a lot more. *Keep that in mind*.

It's most likely this good girl victim of yours is known as the good girl. Good girls who want to explore the other side of them want to feel sexy, they want to be notorious - so do that for them. Make them feel sexy, check them out, give them looks that scream "shit, I really want to f**".

If she's the religious good girl:
There are a few types of religious good girls: the ones who want to rebel, and the ones who think sex is bad.

If they want to rebel, do the example above - but slowly. This is because they're probably not used to rebelling, and their fantasies of rebellion are just that - fantasies.

If they think sex is bad: make them think sex is grand/will liberate them/will bring them closer to God or whatever deity they believe in. This is more tricky, you'll have to show subliminal messages of religious figures talking about sex, having an aura of sex, even do things that represent sex: parted lips, licking lips (do this especially when the pastor/priest is discussing how bad sex- this sends a subliminal message) - among other things.


bad girl on good girl: 
My first experience with a girl, was with my female best friend. I was the bad girl, I skipped class to get high, make out with someone, but there was something different about me: I was also a good girl. Despite my skipping class, I had very very good grades (in fact I graduated earlier than my peers who attended class daily). I was the bad girl - but I was in control - I was a boss who was control of my own destiny, outshining my teachers who thought I would turn out to be a failure.

My best friend at the time knew I was all these things. However she seemed more fascinated by the stories of my sexual encounters, when I looked down she was aware I was texting one of my many "friends with benefits" ( a term I now cringe at). She continued to tell me I was such a bad girl, but there was an undertone of sexual envy.

Everyday was always an adventure, from buying drugs from strangers in alleys, provoking gangsters and running away before they could beat us up, to her watching me making out with two guys,, I had her skipping classes too, questioning her faith in god - anything could happen if we were hanging out.

One day she texts me during the weekend, explaining she was bored and wanted to hang out. At this point in time, I was trying to clean up my act so I kindly texted her "what would you like to do?". She texts back "Hahah, what happened? Let's do something wild." A bit confused, I met up with her anyway.

She got drunk and confessed she thought not only was I physically sexy - she loved my personality (probably using alcohol as a means to confess). Then the rest is history.

bad girl on good boy:
With same gender, it can be difficult to discern whether or not they would be open to a relationship and/or sexual experience. With two opposite genders - it's easier.

Take french man for example - he was the "good boy". He was innocent so I had to go easy on him, so I wouldn't scare him. I prepped him for the grand gesture. Under the innocence, I saw he immersed himself in a world of adventurous books, the characters he was most drawn to were the "king/badass type." With this, I made him feel like a king. Put him on a pedestal, told him how handsome he was, definitely made him feel sexy, sent him nudes.

I was slow, but was abrupt. I didn't intend for it to happen, but I couldn't control my hormones. Here was the conversation:

Him: talking about politics
Me: not responding too well, as I don't follow politics
Me: I don't want to talk about politics
Him: Ok, what do you want to talk about?
Me: Well something else is on my mind.
Him: What?
Me: You :p
Him: Really? What's on your mind?
Me: I can't say - it's kind of rude.
Him: I can reassure you - you can never be rude.
Me: I wish your cock in my mouth.

Boom. He was taken aback, but very happy. Haha. I know I make him feel like a king - even to this day (a year from when we met) he tries to suppress any feelings for me.

With my current boyfriend (probably ex boyfriend soon enough)(he's also the good boy),  I gave him subtle hints, until he finally called me out on it, in such a kind proper way. I rolled my eyes and said "Look, I'll be blunt - are we going to f**** or what - I'm only here for two days." We met in Europe. Him wanting a relationship wasn't because of his good boy side, rather how I approached it. There are other factors, like randomly hopping on a plane in europe, late night adventures - our entire relationship is one big unpredictable adventure. He knows he isn't capable of such a thing (He's very organized, likes to plan etc) - it's because he lives through me - I'm the missing puzzle piece in his life.

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