How to make crowds/groups/masses obsessed with you

I wrote a post on this before, but I accidentally deleted it. Let's just get right into it.

Know the group you you desire to make obsessed with you. What are their similarities? Values? What will everyone be wearing? These things are good to know if you're going to a special event. Actually, I would particularly use these if I was going to a special event - that could benefit me.

Here's an example:
A few years ago, my friends are I were invited to a Google event - I don't even really what the purpose was anymore, but we went because there was free booze. (Probably why I don't remember what the purpose was, ha!!). Anyway, so I already knew what the crowd was going to be like: mostly nerds, super cerebral, stuck in their minds, and most likely need an escape from it. If you want to REALLY step it up a notch - understand what potential suppressed dark sides lie beneath the surface - then represent it.

Knowing all this, here's what I did:
There were 200 people. I knew that. I wore the classiest yet casual summer dress I could find. The dress had floral patterns it was tight around my bust and waist, a little loose at the bottom but flow-y. It's hard to explain,. With these "nerds", I knew it was most likely 90 percent were males, 10 % were females. I didn't care too much, but my assumption was correct.

The dress showing off my figure was clearly, something to take them out of their minds.

Their suppressed desires:
I wanted to step it up a notch. Since I was taking them out of their minds, where do I take them? Well, into their primal instincts - of course. Being flirtatious, making them compete to gain my attention, showing off my feminine figure (it's a mating, creating babies thing). It was hilarious to see their inner alphas come out, and just following me around the room like lost puppies.

Example 2: 
Back in October my aunt had a birthday party, and the environment was VERY formal. Here's the backstory: it was her 60th party, all her friends around that age were going to be there. Her friends led executive glamourous lifestyles. Makes sense - they're around that age. I didn't care for their similarities, values etc. I went straight to the suppressed desires: youth, sexuality, freedom. Not saying they weren't sexy or attractive - of course they were. But, with many responsibilities - you sometimes begin to miss aspects of your youth such as freedom, etc.

I wore this fancy gown I had (at least I could fit in with this elite crowd), but something was different... I got my breasts done. Prior to this work, my breasts fit nicely into the dress, but now they barley fit. This was perfect. The funniest part was watching my jealous delusional aunt stare at them, then stare down at her mosquito bites, then back at my.. lady parts. While everyone appeared excited and enthusiastic, I had a cold demeanour, and watched the single guys try to talk to me, then get shot down. Most of the responses from my family were negative, ordering me to pull my dress so my breasts would be covered. That was impossible, and I knew it. I didn't care - I was the star of the show. Everyone wanted to know about me, who was this girl, how could she afford all these procedures? Is she with anyone? So many questions, so many people, and all of them left without ANY of their questions answered - just how I like it.

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