Don't fear your target's anger - it holds many insights about them.

Don';t worry when your target grows angry about a question or topic you've brought up. Like most  mechanisms discussed here - anger is one as well. Keep in mind I'm also writing about anger in connection to seduction.

Behind anger can lie fear, guilt, powerlessness, or they feel threatened. For example, perhaps you ask about their current girlfriend they have, after you. They begin to become angry, but that could indicate their guilt, or maybe things are worse than they imagined. I'm just using this as an example I overheard the other day. 

It might be hard to understand which particular reason they're angry. Let's use the girlfriend example. If you want figure out what's got them angry, see what they talk about regarding relationships, maybe your previous relationship, things that stand out to him in relationships. While they may not directly discuss what is causing their anger - it'll show in their conversations/behaviours around the topic. 

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