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How to make crowds/groups/masses obsessed with you

I wrote a post on this before, but I accidentally deleted it. Let's just get right into it.

Know the group you you desire to make obsessed with you. What are their similarities? Values? What will everyone be wearing? These things are good to know if you're going to a special event. Actually, I would particularly use these if I was going to a special event - that could benefit me.

Here's an example:
A few years ago, my friends are I were invited to a Google event - I don't even really what the purpose was anymore, but we went because there was free booze. (Probably why I don't remember what the purpose was, ha!!). Anyway, so I already knew what the crowd was going to be like: mostly nerds, super cerebral, stuck in their minds, and most likely need an escape from it. If you want to REALLY step it up a notch - understand what potential suppressed dark sides lie beneath the surface - then represent it.

Knowing all this, here's what I did:
There were 200 people. I kne…
You can hit it in the morning like its yours :)

Thank you for putting me on the top 39 books (out of 115) recommended for seddit (mainly men???).❤

Aww guys thanks I don’t even know what that is but I feel really good and just wanted to thank you (sometimes I scroll reddit for keto diet advice haha). Thank you, I love you all, and happy to help you. If you’ve got a book 3 idea, please email it to me. !



How To Make The Good Girl Obsessed With You.

There are good girls, bad girls and the in between. Let's talk about the good girl. I won't get into what/how you'll know she's a good girl - it's obvious. If it isn't obvious - your intuition/"gut feeling" will let you know.

Why she's the good girl: 
Could be different reasons or all: their upbringing, innocent, lack of experience, doesn't have anyone to be the bad girl/slut with or society. Society teaches us ladies we shouldn't be sexual in any way, and so does our upbringing.

What the good girl wants: 
One or both: to be the "bad girl/ "slut" in public, or in hiding. (I don't mean this in any demeaning way - just using this word to simplify things).

What to do about it: 
Encourage her good girl side. After all, most people have been conditioned to respect the good girl, and the "good girl" is often who men marry/commit to. However, you need to provoke the bad girl underneath the good girl. How? Tease her a li…