How to make your haters become your slave/dependent on you

Possible reasons why people hate you for no reason - unless you've ruined their lives: 
You have what they don't
You took something away from them. 

An older female in my life - 19 years older - just essentially hates/attempts to compete with me. No, I cannot get rid of her. Basically I took the spotlight away from her, I'm everything she wishes she could be/have and I'm just better; I'm smarter, better looking, as a matter of fact - I'm the best looking lol, lead the life she wants, and I'm interesting. She HATES that I have an influence over people, and power.

How to make them your slave:
1/ DO NOT compete with them. Show them you are not only better, but you are sooo nice. If they hate you, you probably have what they lack. Therefore, if you're nice they cannot logically have any reason to hate you. After all, you're just too damn nice.  

Find out: are they trying to obtain this thing you have - that they don't? Here's an example: this person is the age she is, works a crappy job, but puts on a facade of leading such a lovely life. At times, a stroke of bad luck hits, and her facade falls down. She admits she doesn't really have this lifestyle, etc etc all the same bs. 

I comfort her. I smile and tell her it'll be okay. Again, I'm giving her something no one else gives her (not even her own husband who is sick and tired of her presence) : acceptance, unconditional love. During her desperate time of need: she will call me and ask me if I could help her obtain financing so she could get a business. (I've done an internship writing grants and have direct contact info to organizations most outsiders don't). She knows I'm an entrepreneur, and knows how to make money, and good one - so I could live/maintain the lifestyle I do. 

Offer snippets of information. I'll be honest, I become frustrated with how codependent she becomes, but still laugh. She asks me how I do my makeup, what workouts I do to get my curve, what my "secrets" are to keep men hooked. She asks who my cosmetic doctor is. I don't tell her SHIT. what I do tell her is "oh, well just google x,y,z" Vague, but enough to show off my intelligence in a modest way. But, good enough for her.

Here's the thing though:

I lost the down payment for my home after that joyriding/grand theft auto accident + damages done to my car, so after my breakup with my crazy ex (gold diggers: he's on the market - please take him lol), I had to move back to my family's home, (big blow to my ego), and restart saving again.

Could rent an apartment, but don't want to. Boyfriend went back to Europe, could've went back but we both agreed it would be too costly to go back and forth (I'm still in school so I'd have to come back for exams). That's the only thing about my lifestyle that does suck. I'll have to wait until the next few months/year .. Also can't spend that much, so my lifestyle isn't as glamourous as it once was - but I seem to give off that it still is, which is fine with me!

What do I get out of this you ask? Next to nothing really. Free dinners, rides, don't have a car anymore/ better to save money than to spend on Uber. And most importantly, a big f*** you for taking away my childhood. You guys do get something out of this: she's my personal guinea pig. Therefore, I can test some of this stuff on her LOL...

I don't "brag" - I get others to do it for me. I intentionally tell the gossip girls of my family about my accomplishments, which will then result as them reporting to her, show off my precious expensive items with such a cold arrogant air, just randomly hop on planes without anyone's knowledge, when she suggests a restaurant - I suggest something I know she'd love to go to - but cannot afford. What? If she puts up the facade - let's put it to the test. You make that much money with your crappy job, and lying about your husband's salary? I'm just testing to see if she walks her walk. After all, one of the things I know she hates about me is that I don't talk about how lovely my lifestyle can be - I show it - not talk shit. I don't talk about how great I am - everyone else does. 

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