Don't I need to be attractive to make someone obsessed with me?

Lots of people ask this, but it's simply not true. Sure, it may take some time to penetrate one's heart and mind. However, this is only based on the mind, and emotions. Brewing up any and all emotions tend to make someone feel - therefore, you'd be able to stick, in their memory. People who are attractive that may lack a personality, will bore someone to death. A lot of memorable people in history were not considered attractive, however they were attractive to people, because they gave people what they wanted - emotionally and psychologically. You must also do it in a way where it appears you're the only person who can fulfill their needs, ideals and dark desires.

If you aren't attractive, it'll probably build some resistance within the person. However, you can work with this resistance. The resistance can manifest as hatred, confusion, or avoidance. I know they sound terrible, but that's why you have to be subtle. If you believe you aren't attractive, or think they aren't attracted to you - physically, do it in a friendly manner. So don't do it in a creepy way (or what requited recipient may called romantic)./ They might build a dependence upon you, then it may slowly grow into physical attraction. After a while, they might not even care.

Keep in mind that your "target" might have a type. That doesn't mean they won't give into your efforts. Someone's type could be representative of what they like. Long hair, could mean they like a woman more "feminine", maybe someone with dark hair, they like someone with a darker personality??

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