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Different types of women and how to make them obsessed with you: (2/2)

**The first post was on my old wordpress blog**

Growing as a person, I've learned that placing people into these categories can be quite limiting, and unfair. However, when you are planning on using these on people, it's easier to understand your target's psychology, thus being able to make someone obsessed with you. Since most people aren't limited to one category, it's normal for a person to fit into many.

I thank the person who requested this post, as I know 90 percent of my audience are males, therefore this would be very helpful to him and anyone else who reads the post.
**The first post was on my old wordpress blog. **

#3: The individual

How you'll be able to tell:
This person is typically trying to distinguish how different they are from the crowds.

Listen for phrases such as: 
"I'm different"

Watch how they react to being compared to other people, particularly if a person tells this person they are very similar to someone else. If a…