Expanding on my old posts + a few updates.

Hey all

I had a new idea... I'm going to take some of these posts and expand them..

I know I haven't written any posts, and I apologize for that. To compensate: I've written a new post (on the newest blog): Why I havent posted in so long, and what I learned about gaslighting people according a series of strange events part 1/2

I've some new posts planned:
  • How to turn people into sheep
  • How to make the masses obsessed with you
  • The translation of "what I'm looking for in a partner"
  • More about my new book "How to psychoanalyze someone" + why psychoanalyzing your target is important
  • How to make a boring person obsessed with you
  • Christmas shopping according to your target's psychology
  • Uncommon defence mechanisms and what to do about it
  • How to make your haters dependent on you. 
  • If someone has any questions/posts they'd want me to write about - please send me an email! I'm pretty nice, I've asked people why they won't email me and apparently they're afraid I might be "mean/arrogant" I can assure you, I won't be! Give me a shout: scarlettkennedy101@gmail.com
I'm also planning on updating my website, for media purposes, and putting my email newsletter back up. While you wait, you can go to the main site and the subscribe button will be underneath the title. However, the other option would be to send me an email with the subject line: your email newsletter.
The newsletter will send you updates, posts, private posts that would not be made public, and updates about upcoming books.

Thanks again for making all this happen - couldn't have done it without you guys!
Scarlett. ❤

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