How to spread rumors pt 2. (The right way)

Before I start this post, I'm going to start off by saying I am so done with this nonsense!

I was looking at some photos of me, and realized I want to get rid of all the crap BA bought me. All that designer stuff he tried to buy me with - gone. I'm going to sell all of it. The idea stemmed from someone at Harley's wedding, saying I should sell it because it isn't appropriate I still have it (while I was with someone else). My drunken self did not process it. I completely forgot about it (so sorry), but just remembered it. Person who said that - YES YOU ARE RIGHT! If anyone is in Toronto, and wants to buy somewhat cheaper discounted designer clothing please contact me! Perhaps you can help me fund another trip to Europe?!?!

These pretentious designers some of you may know: Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior, Versace, and those designer tailors that appear on TV shows only the extremely wealthy can afford, that you don't know the name of but the elite crowds do. The cost of the dress I wore at Harley's wedding could be found in a screenshot where BA is bragging about such. I have another one that's made out of one hundred percent silk that could someone could use towards a down payment for decent one bedroom apartment........ Don't really know what to do with that one... But I'd be willing to negotiate.

The clothes are mainly suits, dresses, and blouses. I'll post some pictures of me in the clothing, if I can find any pictures. That will be ongoing. (The picture posting). Can't say I'll post a pic of me in the silk dress though, won't zip at...  the top.... hahah... However, I will post a picture of it on a hanger or whatever I could find.

Contact me at
or if you know me personally, and we've lost touch (talking to you people from Milan and California!!), due to my cell number changing my email is

An example : sofiawebb.sw
No, I will not provide my last name here - sorry!
Also the o in my first name is a zero, (0).

He can do/say whatever he wants! I'm done here. Need to get rid of all this, and any trace of him in my house.

Now for the actual post.

First of all, yes BA is doing more stupid things that (in a sick twisted way), make sense to my manipulative mind. However, looking at the bigger picture - It is very immature. I won't get into it, but has lots to do with the rumour spreading.

If you're going to spread rumours, make sure someone else does the dirty work for you so they can take the blame. When telling the person about the rumour, imply it. Therefore, they will fill in the blanks. "Hey, did you all notice Scarlett was hanging out with those 6 guys a lot..?" "I saw them at the park, and she looked dazed and confused." "Hey, I saw her leaving their apartment. Then I saw her smoking a cigarette with all 6 men!!!"

Get the point? Most likely the gossip girl/man is going to add to that. Everyone will point back a finger to the scapegoat because they verbally said it. The rumour starter (in this case; BA) only implied it. An intelligent person would be able to discern where the scapegoat obtained such atrocious "information".

Second, do not tell the person about your plans. It makes you look silly. Although I understand there must be a feeling of empowerment there. Refer to previous posts about this.

Lastly, if you're going to spread rumours, make sure it does not effect you personally. He spread rumours, and he was personally effected. People were shaming him, and asking him more questions... Specifically about how they could contact me to join their .. ah... club. :) Not interested! The result of this? He's pissed. Gee, maybe you should've thoroughly planned out how it could specifically affect me, not you. 

Please don't be like my crazy ex. Don't even bother wasting your time spreading rumours. But if you're going to - do it the right way.

BA, if you're reading this: Deep, deep VERY DEEP inside, I'm talking into the abyss deep - you're a good person. Please recognize that. In addition, you may want to grow up.... However, if you perceived your brain the way you saw money - perhaps you would use it more often.

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