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Someone asked me the other day if there were two things that were important in relationships - what would they be.

Here they are:

1. Attachment styles:

This is how one attaches themselves in a relationship. Self explanatory right? Of course, these styles are derived from ways your parents treated you. There are supposedly 4, but there could be a mixture of some. (I think).

I'll try to keep all these things short though. Need to get back to studying. None of them are in order, by the way.

(this explanation is quite obvious).

 you know these types, they avoid intimacy, avoid conflict, basically avoid getting too close. Want nothing to do with emotions, let alone their own - and tend to withdraw often. Don't like to get into relationships because they believe they'll lose all control, mainly emotionally thus they will they'll lose their freedom. Really though, it depends on the person. Freedom means different things to different people. Keep in mind, there's social conditioning. You ever hear the saying "you'll lose your freedom in a relationship" well…

How to spread rumors pt 2. (The right way)

Before I start this post, I'm going to start off by saying I am so done with this nonsense!

I was looking at some photos of me, and realized I want to get rid of all the crap BA bought me. All that designer stuff he tried to buy me with - gone. I'm going to sell all of it. The idea stemmed from someone at Harley's wedding, saying I should sell it because it isn't appropriate I still have it (while I was with someone else). My drunken self did not process it. I completely forgot about it (so sorry), but just remembered it. Person who said that - YES YOU ARE RIGHT! If anyone is in Toronto, and wants to buy somewhat cheaper discounted designer clothing please contact me! Perhaps you can help me fund another trip to Europe?!?!

These pretentious designers some of you may know: Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior, Versace, and those designer tailors that appear on TV shows only the extremely wealthy can afford, that you don't know the name of but …