When "Players" Stop Acting Like Players

When I say "players" I mean pop culture's traditional definition. I had to go on urban dictionary (don't judge - I practically live under a rock when it comes to this), so we'll go with pop culture's definition.

Anyways, what I observed (mainly from men), were that *some* (at least the ones I have heard from who committed to women) were that the women reminded them of their mothers. Yes, that's very weird but here are some examples. First I'll describe their girlfriends then their mothers.

Person #1: 

His girlfriend: 
extremely critical, calls him annoying, makes him feel unworthy, constantly checks up on him, overtly manipulative, and obsessed with make up, and physical "perfection" (whatever that may mean for her). Both considered "crazy", experiences wild mood swings.

His mother: 
Always on edge, calls him annoying as well, used to tell him he shouldn't have been born, (girlfriend's equivalent of you don't even matter to me), also obsessed with society's definition of physical perfection, power hungry, wild mood swings.

Person #2

His girlfriend: 
kind of mean, a little passive aggressive, unreliable, EXTREMELY unreliable, awkward as hell, extremely religious, strict, tends to "discipline" him,

His mother:
very religious, is not there when she is needed, comes late, also awkward, distant, she disciplines him, aka "lectures him".

Of course both girlfriends also have distinct traits from the person's mother as well. But very very similar traits. The first person is someone in my family, and the second person is someone who my friend has been with for one year. Trust me, I've met the other girls who were nothing like the mothers of these men. .. In fact. They were the complete opposite.

Just something I observed from not just those two, but some others I've met who have decided to change identities. Wild world we live in...


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