Updates on the blog and second book.

Transferring posts from the older site to this site. I've been getting a lot of attention from the right people who could help my books receive more attention. Thus, fixing up the site currently, so you can review the books section of the site.

For the psychoanalysis book, I've finished writing up all the sections. All I have to do is rearrange the sections and put them where they belong. My friend suggested I write what I've learned in the past two years and include it in the beginning. There is a term for it, which I forget. I hope to finish it by the end of August (before my birthday).

For the first book I decided to revise and edit it, so now there will be the "Second edition" so whatever copies you've purchased - are outdated. That will also be finished around the same time. Keep it for memories if you please. 

I'll be by my computer all night, so I'll post many more things. 

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