How to spread petty rumors about your ex (according to my EX) (AND GET CAUGHT part 1)

You don't know what your ex Is capable of...  Today may be a good day to discover just what they're capable of..  

I'm not sure if I should be angry or fascinated by BA starting and spreading petty rumors about me. This is how it all started. Got a random facebook message around 11 pm from one of his employees.

I thought this was random... Why would he do that anyways - I thought to myself.  He's never done anything like this before. He's always stood up for me behind my back.  Least that's what I heard.  I was upset, mostly in denial,  didn't want to believe he would actually "ruin my life" - so I asked J,  Harley's wife. (still don't know her name 😁). 

She didn't know,  so she handed it over to her husband. He confirms it via these msgs.  I tried to msg BA himself, but he's read it and has yet to reply - if at all.  

I did end up calling this employee of his. He told me that after their official business meeting was over,  he told someone "quietly" but loud enough for everyone else to hear. Oakville is a small snotty town. Of course people will talk.  And when an authority figure - who happens to own the company you work for - "confides" in you about his "cheating" financee, you tend to believe it.  

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