How to get the tough person to obsess over you.

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The tough one is the person who comes off as cold, and tough. No reactions, or emotions.

What is missing in their lives:
Vulnerability, emotion. Emotional liberation.

Their motivations: to protect themselves, by being "tough" and indifferent. If you don't care, you can't get hurt. This is the motivation.

Deepest darkest desires/ Potential suppressed parts of themselves:
-To show emotion.
-To be a mess, to let down their walls.
-Their vulnerable side. Parts of them want someone to penetrate their high walls.

Idealized self:
They're mentally and emotionally liberated.

How to get them to fall in love and their matching archetype:
Work on them slowly.
Make them feel like they are tough. Concurrently, slowly bring out their emotions. Make them feel emotional. You'll see what they feel emotional about when they react to something, and they nearly appear like they're going to be happy. Then, abruptly return to being cold.

Matching archetype:
Play the innocent, playful fun person, with no baggage. This could be their idealized self, appeal to this.

Possible psychological causes:

-They think it's cool.
-They wish they were tough, but deep down inside they are as soft as cream pie, if they're cold and tough, no one could hurt them.
-they've been through so much, they're expecting bullshit. So, they put up that exterior. If this is the case, play innocent.
-they're bored with their lives, or bored with their physical existence.
-they were conditioned to be believe being tough, means being strong. Especially with males.

How to get them to hate you:

Try to force a connection. Tell them you know exactly how they are. And, that they're not fooling you. Invade their mental privacy by "psychoanalyzing" them. Telling them who they are, among other examples.

How you can tell:
They seem cold all the time.
They seem indifferent.
No enthusiasm. Even though, deep down they do.

An example:

My friend Dan was a perfect example of the tough one. He was cold, and "tough." Every time we went out, he always wanted to go to the artistic district of our neighbourhood. One day during dinner, a lady was reading poetry in the restaurant. His eyes lit up. It was like being stuck in a dark room and finally finding the light switch. That was Dan. I found out he had some roots in poetry. His mother had read poetry to him, before she passed away. This was a part of his childhood. I slowly brought out the poet in him. Two months go by, and his tough exterior melts. He expresses his wild uncontrollable emotions. Around me, at least. As for everyone else, he's still the same. I'm just the exception.

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