Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long post. I must warn you, I am still feeling the fresh raw adrenaline and anger from talking to this idiot. 

First, I should explain what the last post was about, and this ominous picture we both spoke of. So there was this picture I had on my cellphone, was a picture of me wearing that same dress, at the same restaurant and location (TD bank tower - Canoe restaurant; for those of you wondering. Yes they weirdly enough have weddings, but on that floor). So it was of me sitting with him, his arm around me, kissing my cheek and (now, regretfully) showing off my engagement ring. 

It is now deleted,  but I would've deleted it earlier if I truly remembered it was there. 

Second, he claims he'll ruin my life. honestly, I'm not worried. He's a punk. But find this interesting anyways, because how cool would it be to write about someone who blatantly tells me they're going to ruin my life, and write about it while it's all happening? I'd like him to carry out what he says he will do - however he's going to do it. The only thing I'm worried about, is protecting the ex's heart. This blog is about manipulation - isn't it?? Why not turn the entire game around. This should be fun.... The part where he says "isolating you from all men" - genius!!

Third, this is to all you skeptics. If this idiot can admit "I'm the most loyal person he knows" or I'm a "ride or die kind of girl" or the fact that he knows I wouldn't have left the guy no matter what - says a whole lot.... But he is right about all those things. I would've stuck by his side no matter what, but things happened that we couldn't control. Yeah, I would've even flew to Europe. But again, it was mainly money issues. 

Sorry, hate to disappoint most people's distorted view of me 😉

Forth, no you aren't that person I thought was gold....  but if it makes you feel better - go ahead and think it! .. Choking me to death? Was that supposed to be cute? 

Lastly, I run this show. He's right, when I say I'm going to do something - I do it. You reload, but never pull the trigger. Pull it, I dare you... Prove me wrong, won't you?? 

Now for the story that started all of this. 

I received a text from the man you all associate as someone from Europe,  who we'll call "R" . 
He's been distant, and when we broke up it was mutual, but told each other we'd get back together, provided he could find a job here, because it was "the right thing". Anyways, I was totally cool with that. But he was kind of distant, and ignored ever since he got back to his home town. He kept telling me he was pissed off, and didn't want to say anything he would regret, so he'd talk to me later. I assumed it was something going on in his life, not something he thought I did... 

Yesterday he sent me a confrontational text "Did you cheat on me with that asshole?" Naturally, it caught me off guard. Obviously I didn't cheat on him, why would I? I told him I was committed to him and only him so why would I do that??? 

He sent me the screen shots of what BA sent him. I was confused... when did I take that pic? I didn't have the ring anymore? How did he end up at my table? I stopped and thought about it. 

All I knew was BA had something to do with it - and I was going to find out. To all my readers, you may remember me constantly saying "I don't have to prove myself". While there is still truth to that - I will prove myself to people I care about. Even if we aren't together, I still want him to know I've kept my word. 

Now you know that dress was purchased by BA. I wanted to wear that dress, but left it at his home. It was quite heavy and I didn't want to pack it in a box. Thus, I left it on a hanger. I was with R when I texted Harley's wife.. whose name I still don't know. I'm always confusing it with different names that start with the letter J. 

 I told her I wanted to get the dress. R would've came with me, but felt awkward. He felt awkward about me going as well, so I brought my little cousins. 8, and 9. He was worried something was going to happen, but these kids are too honest for their own good (which he knows), so we both thought it would be a great idea. 

Unfortunately BA was going to be home, and he said he'd fix them something to eat. While they ate, my eyes were glued to the phone as I texted R. BA's eyes watched me as I watched him. Haha, I asked him why he was acting like that, and he just continued to eat his food. The kids finished and asked if they could go swimming. As he was gathering the plates, he had to walk by me to put the plates in the sink. Another important detail was that, I put my phone down. But when I heard it vibrate again, I picked it up and put my password in. That's where he was standing behind me. I didn't think anything of it, because I know it is a natural instinct to look at people's phones. 

The kids were really pushing to go swimming, and I told them I needed to use the washroom, therefore they should change in the pool house. But knowing them, they wanted me to accompany them to the washroom. They said they'd watch TV while I was there because "I take forever" (it's true). 

I had my guard down because he wasn't saying or doing anything he shouldn't. So I left my cellphone on the table. What was he going to do anyways? Nothing.. So I thought. 

Normally he would join the kids but when I came back, he was innocently sitting by the table. A new plate filled with food. "You're not watching with the kids? " I asked. 

"No..." he trailed off. I sat down, shrugged my shoulders,  turned My cellphone on, as I said "okay,  go change now!"

I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I turned my cell on. The gallery was opened up. I never opened it up, but didn't think anything of it. Thought my phone was acting up again. 

"You're really attached to your phone now..." he observed. 

"oh yeah"... I answered,  not knowing how to reply. 

He was nervous about something. I never mentioned this but he had a habit..... Which I adapted when I was with him. Not the final time, but during the "gold digging days". One of the other reasons It wouldn't have worked out. 

I thought that was the reason he was fidgeting... 

Yes, I really had to go back to that day mentally to make sense of everything... 

It all makes sense now. His fidgeting, washing the dishes (he doesn't do that), a plate filled with food,  not joining the kids...  Everything that day.... 

Now for the wedding day. 

When the newly weds were with the wedding planner, I asked if I could be seated as far away from BA,  AS possible. 

That didn't happen. I sat next to him during the vows but not dinner. 

When I looked at him, again,  there was something peculiar. He was wearing a similar suit I've seen him in at another event before. (the same one in the pic he stole). I'll tell you why it's weird. At each event, he always had to wear a different suit. He emphasized this. All. The. Time. 

I jokingly pointed that out and his face was flushed red. He didn't make any comment,  nothing snarky or rude. Nothing. 

I didn't talk to him when we were seated next to each other. I spoke with my mom. 

There was an open bar which I gladly took advantage of. Everyone was taking pictures,  and he kept persisting I should pose in a certain way. Even though I was seriously blasted - my intuition continued to warn me about something...  I just didn't know what. 

The second picture I showed everyone shows just how much I had to drink haha,  he kept insisting "he take me home" I repeatedly ignored him and told him R was going to pick me up. He scoffed and walked away. That was the last of that. 

So.. .  Now I know. Thinking about this,  that was very well planned. A part of me gives him kudos but the better part of me is just sticking up the finger. 

Seriously, did you really think you could destroy me like that.... 


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