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Different types of women and how to make them obsessed with you: (2/2)

**The first post was on my old wordpress blog**

Growing as a person, I've learned that placing people into these categories can be quite limiting, and unfair. However, when you are planning on using these on people, it's easier to understand your target's psychology, thus being able to make someone obsessed with you. Since most people aren't limited to one category, it's normal for a person to fit into many.

I thank the person who requested this post, as I know 90 percent of my audience are males, therefore this would be very helpful to him and anyone else who reads the post.
**The first post was on my old wordpress blog. **

#3: The individual

How you'll be able to tell:
This person is typically trying to distinguish how different they are from the crowds.

Listen for phrases such as: 
"I'm different"

Watch how they react to being compared to other people, particularly if a person tells this person they are very similar to someone else. If a…

Expanding on my old posts + a few updates.

Hey all

I had a new idea... I'm going to take some of these posts and expand them..

I know I haven't written any posts, and I apologize for that. To compensate: I've written a new post (on the newest blog): Why I havent posted in so long, and what I learned about gaslighting people according a series of strange events part 1/2

I've some new posts planned:
How to turn people into sheepHow to make the masses obsessed with youThe translation of "what I'm looking for in a partner"More about my new book "How to psychoanalyze someone" + why psychoanalyzing your target is importantHow to make a boring person obsessed with youChristmas shopping according to your target's psychologyUncommon defence mechanisms and what to do about itHow to make your haters dependent on you. If someone has any questions/posts they'd want me to write about - please send me an email! I'm pretty nice, I've asked people why they won't email me and apparently…

What I learned about gaslighting people according a series of strange events part 1/2


I don't have a license, and I can barley drive - let alone driving a stick shift. Don't ask me about my strange attachment to fast cars, it's too emotional/personal. As a result of this, if I want to go out: I do it in the middle of the night. There are a few late night restaurants or coffee shops open near my house. The first time these strange events occurred were roughly 3 years ago, from a family member.

However, it came in clusters starting in August, then went into full speed in October. One night I couldn't sleep, and wanted to get out


A note to all the people who have/will purchase my first and second book:


I've seen and heard about what kinds of things people do with the information in my book, which leads me to writing this letter. :)

I understand the audience who purchases the first and second book. Sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists (please don't), wanna - be socio or psychopaths, unsatisfied manipulative people, and aspiring killers:

PLEASE direct yourself to THE LEGAL DISCLAIMER of my book.

Once you've read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER (multiple times) - don't sue me for any actions taken by or against you. Thank you so much !!

Also: please stop killing my reputation (no pun intended). Haha, please keep your sick twisted manipulations to yourself, not on PUBLIC forums. Please please be smart.


Psychoanalysis book issue (please comment)

Hey everyone

Sorry I've been busy,  I've developed some bad habits which have lead to some extremely unfortunate events

 These events have kept me from continuing to work on fixing these issues, and writing.

But I'm back for you guys,  recovering :)

So I posted the Link in the post comments below this post. However,  some people have said there are some issues. I can't keep track of all the emails, so I figured it would be best if everyone left a comment on what the issue is. It would be good to see the collective issues all in one place.


Thanks for your patience


Hi all,

I'll explain in two weeks where I've been, without the dirty details lol. But I have a few quick questions and updates

I finished "how to psychoanalyze someone" finally! It'll be on Pre order soon.

Second,  I got a car!!! It's an 03' Mercedes-Benz convertible .. Well someone gave it to me for my birthday lol.  If anyone from Toronto wants to buy,  email me :) posted the pics on my twitter.

Here's the link to my twitter

Now for the important parts!!

1) can someone pls send me updated marketplace onion links for tor?? You can post under anon here or email me. Don't ask why I need

2) does anyone want to buy my bitcoin?? Not much only a few hundred

Anyways you have my contact info if you are interested in any of this stuff

Additional note: don't comment about anything that isn't related to the above topics. 😊



Someone asked me the other day if there were two things that were important in relationships - what would they be.

Here they are:

1. Attachment styles:

This is how one attaches themselves in a relationship. Self explanatory right? Of course, these styles are derived from ways your parents treated you. There are supposedly 4, but there could be a mixture of some. (I think).

I'll try to keep all these things short though. Need to get back to studying. None of them are in order, by the way.

(this explanation is quite obvious).

 you know these types, they avoid intimacy, avoid conflict, basically avoid getting too close. Want nothing to do with emotions, let alone their own - and tend to withdraw often. Don't like to get into relationships because they believe they'll lose all control, mainly emotionally thus they will they'll lose their freedom. Really though, it depends on the person. Freedom means different things to different people. Keep in mind, there's social conditioning. You ever hear the saying "you'll lose your freedom in a relationship" well…

How to spread rumors pt 2. (The right way)

Before I start this post, I'm going to start off by saying I am so done with this nonsense!

I was looking at some photos of me, and realized I want to get rid of all the crap BA bought me. All that designer stuff he tried to buy me with - gone. I'm going to sell all of it. The idea stemmed from someone at Harley's wedding, saying I should sell it because it isn't appropriate I still have it (while I was with someone else). My drunken self did not process it. I completely forgot about it (so sorry), but just remembered it. Person who said that - YES YOU ARE RIGHT! If anyone is in Toronto, and wants to buy somewhat cheaper discounted designer clothing please contact me! Perhaps you can help me fund another trip to Europe?!?!

These pretentious designers some of you may know: Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior, Versace, and those designer tailors that appear on TV shows only the extremely wealthy can afford, that you don't know the name of but …

When "Players" Stop Acting Like Players

When I say "players" I mean pop culture's traditional definition. I had to go on urban dictionary (don't judge - I practically live under a rock when it comes to this), so we'll go with pop culture's definition.

Anyways, what I observed (mainly from men), were that *some* (at least the ones I have heard from who committed to women) were that the women reminded them of their mothers. Yes, that's very weird but here are some examples. First I'll describe their girlfriends then their mothers.

Person #1: 

His girlfriend: 
extremely critical, calls him annoying, makes him feel unworthy, constantly checks up on him, overtly manipulative, and obsessed with make up, and physical "perfection" (whatever that may mean for her). Both considered "crazy", experiences wild mood swings.

His mother: 
Always on edge, calls him annoying as well, used to tell him he shouldn't have been born, (girlfriend's equivalent of you don't even matter t…

Updates on the blog and second book.

Transferring posts from the older site to this site. I've been getting a lot of attention from the right people who could help my books receive more attention. Thus, fixing up the site currently, so you can review the books section of the site.

For the psychoanalysis book, I've finished writing up all the sections. All I have to do is rearrange the sections and put them where they belong. My friend suggested I write what I've learned in the past two years and include it in the beginning. There is a term for it, which I forget. I hope to finish it by the end of August (before my birthday).

For the first book I decided to revise and edit it, so now there will be the "Second edition" so whatever copies you've purchased - are outdated. That will also be finished around the same time. Keep it for memories if you please. 
I'll be by my computer all night, so I'll post many more things.

How to get the tough person to obsess over you.

Guys, this one page is a part of my book. I feel kind of insecure, as I do not know if this seems to repetitive, or just too vague. Please give me your opinions! You guys are my audience, so it would be very much appreciated. Should I add more? Change up the wording? does it flow?


twitter: @DodedahJones

or, in the comments.

now... let's begin. :)


The tough one is the person who comes off as cold, and tough. No reactions, or emotions.

What is missing in their lives:
Vulnerability, emotion. Emotional liberation.

Their motivations: to protect themselves, by being "tough" and indifferent. If you don't care, you can't get hurt. This is the motivation.
Deepest darkest desires/ Potential suppressed parts of themselves:
-To show emotion.
-To be a mess, to let down their walls.
-Their vulnerable side. Parts of them want someone to penetrate their high walls.

Idealized self:
They're mentally and emotionally liberated.

How to get them to fa…

Mommy voids some men have ...

My ex narcissist is getting married a month after giving me silent treatment. How did this happen? by Taesen Romine

How to spread petty rumors about your ex (according to my EX) (AND GET CAUGHT part 1)

You don't know what your ex Is capable of...  Today may be a good day to discover just what they're capable of..  
I'm not sure if I should be angry or fascinated by BA starting and spreading petty rumors about me. This is how it all started. Got a random facebook message around 11 pm from one of his employees.

I thought this was random... Why would he do that anyways - I thought to myself.  He's never done anything like this before. He's always stood up for me behind my back.  Least that's what I heard.  I was upset, mostly in denial,  didn't want to believe he would actually "ruin my life" - so I asked J,  Harley's wife. (still don't know her name 😁). 
She didn't know,  so she handed it over to her husband. He confirms it via these msgs.  I tried to msg BA himself, but he's read it and has yet to reply - if at all.  
I did end up calling this employee of his. He told me that after their official business meeting was over,  he t…


Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long post. I must warn you, I am still feeling the fresh raw adrenaline and anger from talking to this idiot. 
First, I should explain what the last post was about, and this ominous picture we both spoke of. So there was this picture I had on my cellphone, was a picture of me wearing that same dress, at the same restaurant and location (TD bank tower - Canoe restaurant; for those of you wondering. Yes they weirdly enough have weddings, but on that floor). So it was of me sitting with him, his arm around me, kissing my cheek and (now, regretfully) showing off my engagement ring. 
It is now deleted,  but I would've deleted it earlier if I truly remembered it was there. 
Second, he claims he'll ruin my life. honestly, I'm not worried. He's a punk. But find this interesting anyways, because how cool would it be to write about someone who blatantly tells me they're going to ruin my life, and write about it while it's all happ…

Look at this crap

I'll post the explanation later

Creating codependent partners; building patterns.

Prior to arriving in Paris in February of 2018, I befriended a young gentleman whom we shall call Tomb - it's close enough to his name. With the desire to not waste anyone's time - I stated my pure intentions. My stay in Paris was two days, and I wanted to make the best of it. Hang out with a handsome Frenchman who'll show me around. Specifically one man... .. Okay, maybe that was vague. Back to the story: we chatted a bit, then I asked him to add me on Google hangouts. He did, and this is where the blog post begins. The first time after adding me on Google chats - He messaged me every morgen mornintv at 7 am. "Hey" turned into an hour long chat until I would go to sleep. I thought he was mature and seemed fun to talk to, despite him being 3 years my junior. The following day, the chat at the same time occurred again.... until it became a pattern. Our one hour conversations became 3. 3 hours became 5 up until we spoke for 13 hours every single day. Getting…